Australian Synchrotron Program Workshop


2:30-4:00 Monday August 11


Australia's national 3GeV third-generation synchrotron, to be completed in 2007, will be located at Monash University.  With a circumference of 216.0m, the storage ring will have twelve straight sections available for insertion devices. An initial suite of 9 beamlines is planned, with the facility eventually accommodating over 30.


Crystallographic research in the protein, powder and small-molecule areas is expected to be catered to at the Australian Synchrotron.  The preliminary requirements of crystallographic beamlines were identified at a synchrotron workshop in Melbourne earlier this year.  This workshop will be used to fine-tune these specifications and identify key scientific reasons why beamlines supporting crystallographic applications should be part of the initial suite.


The workshop format will be:


-         An overview of the status of the ASP and of the synchrotron facilities currently available to researchers via the ASRP.


-  Presentation of the draft scientific cases for the crystallography beamlines.


-         Break-out groups will review the scientific cases and ensure these are compatible with the technical features of the proposed beamline.


This workshop is supported by the Australian Synchrotron Program, DIIRD, Government of Victoria.