Assignment of Conference Papers


Information on the presentation mode and scheduling of your paper has been posted on this website.  To view the presentation codes that have been assigned to your paper, click on the PROGRAM or Abstracts for the appropriate meeting.

The paper presentation code is constructed as follows:

<Meeting><Day><Session> - <Paper> <(Oral duration)>


Meeting             A for AsCA/Crystal; B for Bio Workshop; S for Sagamore

Day                     Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su

Session              1, 2,....or 1A, 1B,....for orals;  or P for posters

Paper                 1, 2, 3,....(sequential number of paper in the session)

(Oral duration) Talk-time + Discussion-time in minutes


For example:

AWe1B-3 (15+5) is the third oral presentation in the AsCA/Crystal meeting on Wednesday in session 1B (see PROGRAM for details of the program structure). The length of the presentation is 15 minutes with 5 minutes for discussion.


SThP-17 is poster number 17 at the Sagamore meeting on the Thursday.




Advice to Oral Presenters


Oral sessions will be held in a hall holding approximately 150 people.  The AsCA/Crystal conference will use two halls, A and B, in parallel sessions.  Their plenary presentations will combine halls A and B (the separating partition will be folded).  The Bio Workshop and Sagamore meetings will run separately using halls A and B, respectively.


All visual displays will be by data projector connected to the conference PC computer, or, by prior arrangement, to your own laptop computer.  Visual files are to be supplied in PowerPoint (or PC-executable equivalent) format on a CD readable by a PC.  These will be loaded onto the projection computer prior to your session.  Slide and overhead-viewgraph projectors will not be available.



Advice to Poster Presenters


Poster boards will be 1.2m wide and 1.8 m deep.  The poster boards will be on the broad veranda surrounding the lecture halls.