Workshop in Twinning

Victor G. Young, Jr.

University of Minnesota


A 2-hour workshop will be held during the AsCA/Crystal meeting that will cover aspects of twinning from the basics of identification to the advanced topics of how to handle the refinement of merohedral, pseudo-merohedral and non-merohedral twins.  A number of short presentations will be given on the various subtopics, and a workbook will be provided.  The presentations will be interspersed with short assignments in the workbook.  Some examples will be provided on CD-ROM for further work once the attendees return to their home laboratories.


There is no participation fee, however the number of participants will be limited.


The workshop will be held on Monday Aug 11 2 - 4 pm.


Enquiries and Registration:  Peter Turner


                                                             Ph: 61-2-9351-4270