Arrival at Broome Airport

The Broome airport does not receive international flights, so all aircraft come via one of the Australian capital cities. The Broome airport is small and close to the Broome township, and only about 6km from Cable Beach. Unless you are particularly fit and energetic we recommend that you catch a taxi to your accommodation. Those staying at Cable Beach will probably have arranged an "airport transfer" to one of the resorts, and there will be a minibus at the airport ready to pick you up.

On August 10th we will have someone at the airport to give you a map and a bus schedule, and to direct you to your hotel.

The first opportunity to gather your conference kit will be on August 10th in the Sam Male conference venue at the Cable Beach Club resort from 15:00 to 18:00. The Buker-Nonius Welcoming reception starts at 18:00. The registration desk will also be open from 15:00 to 18:00 on August 13th for delegates to the Sagamore meeting. On other days from Aug 11 to 15 the Conference Office will be open from 9:00-11:00 in Room 231 at the Cable Beach Club.

For those staying in the town there are conference buses that come out to the CBC resort in the mornings, and return to town in the evenings. At other times you will need to use the regular town bus service (ph: 91936585), or taxi service (ph: 91921133 A$15) to get to and from Cable Beach.

Climate in Australia and Broome

August is winter in Australia and if you are visiting places other than Broome bring some warm clothing (e.g. Perth has min-max temperatures of 1 - 25 C in August with a 33% chance of rain). In contrast Broome in August is dry subtropical with a temperature range of 15 - 32 C and little likelihood of rain. Note, however, the conference evening functions are outdoors and a jacket or pullover may be needed on these occasions. Locals inform us that so far Broome has been cooler than normal this year - as low as 25C during the day. :) If you are travelling inland from Broome, the night temperatures can get as low as 0C!

The best clothing for the Broome is summer casual. Cable Beach is marvellous for swimming, and there also several swimming pools at the CBC resort, so bring your swimming apparel.

Australian Currency

All transactions in Broome and elsewhere in Australia are in Australian dollars only. Currently the exchange rates are: 1 AUS$ = 0.65 US$, 0.57 Euro, and 79.0 Yen. Foreign currency and travellers cheques can be cashed at the Cable Beach Club or at banks in Broome.

All international credit cards (Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Diners, Bankcard) are generally acceptable in Broome, except at some small businesses and markets that accept only cash. Cash is available from Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) in the township and the conference venue.

Australian VISA

Visitors to Australia require a valid passport and must obtain a visa in advance of their travel. Consult your travel agent, the nearest Australian Consulate, or the Department of Immigration and Multicultural affairs for current details. The issue of short-term tourist visas is being replaced by the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) system. Citizens of about 33 countries can obtain an ETA through their travel agent (free) or online (fee payable). You will require a visa or ETA to enter Australia unless reciprocal visa rights exist with your country. Note that the visa process may take several weeks to complete.

For Japanese participants seeking an ETA there is a good website in the Japanese language at

Incidence of SARS in Australia

The SARS travel concerns are largely over. Australia is SARS-free and has rigorous health and quarantine requirements to ensure that this remains the case. Travel information updates on SARS, and also world political developments, are available on the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.