For travel tips regarding visas, arrival at Broome, the registration desk and climate - check this page.

Apart from evening functions (see below), which are part of the registration package, there is no organised social programme. This is because Broome is a resort town with many tourist opportunities and attractions - in addition to the magnificent Cable beach and its camel rides. There are pearl farms, wilderness tours, a nearby golf course and crocodile park! 

The Cable Beach Club resort provides a comprehensive daily tour booking service. You may wish to plan is advance from an extensive range of tours (html, doc) that are available before, after and during the meetings. There are also Broome township special events happening over the period of the conference, such as the Broome Cup (horse races) on Aug 9, the Shinju Matsuri – Festival of the Pearl from Aug 15-24, and the Staircase to the Moon from Aug 12-15.

We also strongly recommend that participants consider a safari into the Kimberley Region, prior to or after the conferences, using tour guides that operate from Broome. The Kimberley is unique, even for Australians, and this is a rare opportunity to experience the Australian wilderness by 4-wheel drive. To fit in with the conference dates we have arranged six special "Crystal" safaris by 4-wheel drive and aircraft with Kimberley Wilderness Adventures. There are, however, a wide variety of other scenic tours that can be booked directly with the tour companies.

Conference Functions

 Bruker Nonius Welcoming Reception (Aug 10th)
A social mixer will be held for all registrants of AsCA'03/Crystal-23 held by the Club Pool from 18:00-20:30.

marresearch Sunset Dinner (Aug 13th)
The farewell dinner for AsCA'03/ Crystal-23, and the welcome to registrants of the Bio Workshop and Sagamore meeting, will be held at the Cable Beach Amphitheatre starting at 18:00.

Rigaku/MSC Aussie Barbecue (Aug 15th)
An Aussie barbecue will be held at the Kimberley Grill & Ocean Pool for all Biological Workshop and Sagamore meeting registrants, starting at 18:00.

Asian Buffet (Aug 17th)
A farewell Asian buffet dinner will be held at the Club Pool for all registrants of the Sagamore meeting, starting at 18:00.


Apart from the conference functions (above) and the buffet lunches, conference participants will need to arrange their own meals. There are a wide variety of eating places to choose from, both at the conference venue and elsewhere (pdf, rtf, doc).