For travel tips regarding visas, arrival at Broome, the registration desk and climate - check this page.

Full and Student registration fees cover the cost of all scheduled evening functions, conference lunches, coffees and poster refreshments.

AsCA’03/Crystal-23 (August 10-13)

Full registration A$500
Student* registration A$300
Accompanying^ registration A$250
Biological Structure Workshop (August 13-15)
Full registration A$400
Student* registration A$250
Accompanying^ registration A$200

Sagamore XIV Meeting (August 13-18)
Full registration A$650
Student* registration A$400
Accompanying^ registration A$350

AsCA’03/Crystal-23 and
Bio Workshop (August 10-15)
Full registration A$750
Student* registration A$400
Accompanying^ registration A$350

AsCA’03/Crystal-23 and Sagamore XIV meeting (August 10-18)

Full registration A$900
Student* registration A$500
Accompanying^ registration A$450

* Student registrations accepted following an e-mail from a supervisor to
^ Persons over 12years (fee covers cost of scheduled evening functions).


A web-based registration and payment facility is available for registrants to this conference and this is the simplest and recommended approach to registering. This does, however, require payments to be made with either VISA or MASTERCARD charge cards. An alternate approach is available for those that do not wish to use direct electronic charging.


If payment needs to be done by telegraphic transfer or by bank cheque, registration forms will need to be downloaded and submitted by fax, email or post. The registration forms are available in the following formats: HTML, PDF, DOC or RTF. Instructions for registration and payment are supplied on the form.


If applied for prior to June 30th, registration fees will be refunded with a surcharge of A$50 per person. After that date, the reimbursement of registration fees will not be possible.